Vsystem was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between two long-established companies based near Modena: Veca S.p.A of Soliera and Andreoli S.r.l. of Maranello.
With its production facility of 1,150 m2, it is able to handle raw materials and finished products on criteria of the maximum rationality. Vsystem produces small and medium lots of automotive and motorsport components and specialises in items manufactured by plastic deformation and welding, especially the construction of geometrically complex parts with tight tolerances and in exotic materials, such as titanium alloys, nickel, and special and stainless alloys.


Vsystem S.r.l. aims to provide its customers with swift, flexible services, ranging from co-design to tool construction, and from non-destructive testing to final dimensional inspection.
We specialise in the curvature of nickel and titanium alloy thin-wall tubes, performed using a latest-generation all-electric 9-axis tube bending machine.